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This article is mainly for R Programming lovers those who want to learn data science with R programming language. This topic is written about the potential R packages for natural language processing. I have realized text mining is pretty much easy with R programming due to having large number of useful libraries of it and those packages are easily installable from CRAN. Let’s proceed to know about most useful R packages for text analyzing. I hope readers are well familiar with Text mining.

Advantage of Using R programming for Text analysis

Regardless of having many packages in R we can create comfortable and easy ambience for NLP. …

This article helps to understand how machine learning algorithm is being used to predict heart disease from several inputs with a certain probability.


Jishu Dey, Sk Hasimuddin.

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According to current survey Doctors say that our unhealthy life style is the main reason behind the heart disease. We can’t even know when people may have a fatal heart attack. we need warning to avoid the fatality of heart attack or heart failure. Every year cardiological reports say most of the 60 or above aged people are undergoing heart disease and many of them die prematurely due to acute myocardial infraction. …

Jishu Dey

Msc in Statistics and Computational Mathematics . Data science aspirant. R and python programmer. Interested in deep learning and computer vision.

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